I Have Stuck With Harry Until the Very End

I Have Stuck With Harry Until the Very End
These are just a few things I learned from Harry Potter.There are so many other things though!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Why Certain Ships Annoy Me

There are just two ships in the Harry Potter fandom that really piss me off.And that's:

1.Draco & Hermione.I just can't stand it!He hates her,she hates him.Done.Period.All she is is a Mudblood,a worthless piece of crap.Well,maybe he doesn't think that way anyway,but the chemistry is just so OFF between the 2 characters.And they really do hate each other.They've also never been in the same room alone together.So yeah,I hate this ship.But ship what you want.

2.Harry & Hermione.No.No!NO!!!!!!!!All right,just NO!It doesn't work!Harry has never thought of Hermione in this way.She's always been like a sister to him,nothing more,nothing romantic.Why would you want to break that amazing bond they have?Honestly,that's just plain annoying that someone would want to wreck that.Hermione is like a mother or sister to Harry & he's never thought of her in any kind of romantic way.It also really pisses me off when people talk about Ron or Ginny dying so Harry & Hermione can be together.First of all,all right,so Ron dies so Harry realizes his sudden love for Hermione & just abandons Ginny or the other way around?Second of all,WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?!Do people REALIZE what they're saying when they talk about this?!?!?!They are talking about killing 2 of the most beloved characters of the books.So this ship also annoys me.

*1 reaction when I found out people shipped these couples. 

*Next thing I said when I found out about these ships.

*Next reaction to these ships.

Next reaction.

Then I got really angry.

*Then I was just like this.

I really just couldn't believe it.

My reaction when I meet a person who ships one of these couples.

My other reaction when I meet someone who ships one of these couples.

Then I'm in full-out war mode.

*To people who ship these couples.Just kidding,I still love you!But I really just can't get it.
Overall,it just really actually annoys me when someone contradicts a canon ship that was in the books.Not only are you insulting my one of my OTPs,you are insulting J.K. Rowling.I think she made a pretty good decision with HER characters.Sorry,you don't get a say in that.So it really annoys me when people say that she was wrong.I only disagree with her on Neville/Luna,& I'm not contradicting anything that happened in the books.I like the canon couples.If that makes me boring,so be it,but I don't question the plots of Joanne Rowling.As always,pics with the * mean they move when you click on them.

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