I Have Stuck With Harry Until the Very End

I Have Stuck With Harry Until the Very End
These are just a few things I learned from Harry Potter.There are so many other things though!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


In Math,my teacher told us that we didn't have to show work anymore for basic algebra.Guess what she said next?

"We're there,we've reached that point."

AHHHHH!I started freaking out and laughing like mad & I probably looked so deranged.My friend asked me what the hell was so funny I just responded "Life."

Then,in Performing Arts,we were playing an Improv Game and one of my friends said in a skit (and he seemed very traumatized),"I just realized something.My mother is a--"he couldn't figure out what would be truly horrible & awful for your own mother to be.My other friend helped him out and said "A toaster?" Then he said "A toaster,"his eyes widening in horror.

I know it's not HP,but it's StarKid,which I love and I just started laughing SO DAMN HARD!No one could understand why.Everyone else had laughed 'cause it was just random & funny, but no one else understood the unintentional reference to STARSHIP!I was just laughing so hard,it was too great.I loved it so much.I can't even...AHHHHHHHH!It was so great,too perfect,just I loved it.Yeah,I'm spazzing right now.It was just so coool,too great,totally awesome.Just...yes.Loved it.Perfect.Just great.

Take no credit for the pics.The "You're a toaster" one moves when you click on it.

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