I Have Stuck With Harry Until the Very End

I Have Stuck With Harry Until the Very End
These are just a few things I learned from Harry Potter.There are so many other things though!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Top 12 Deathly Hallows Movie Scenes

*The entire duel between Snape & McGonagall."COWARD!"Not ain't that ironic?

Neville's whole speech,word for word.

*This very nearly broke my heart.It really showed how the depth of their relationship had grown so over all those years.I'm not sure to describe it,though.Mother & Son?Not exactly,but close.It almost seems like something deeper than that.

So here are the scenes I liked best in the Deathly Hallows Part 2 movie,not book,movie.The pictures with the * move when you click on them.They open to a new tab and you can see them move.

13.Trio holding hands at the end.That really made me cry.They were going off to face the world,but still together.That broke my heart and I just broke down.I was so upset.

12.Molly Weasley!!!!!!I have to admit,I kinda' wanted Neville to kill Bellatrix while I was reading the book,and I still kinda' wish it had been him,but Molly was so awesome!I think Molly screaming the line in the book was better,but "Not my daughter you bitch," was still awesome.She is so bad-ass,and no one ever would have guessed.

11.In the Room of Requirement,those lines they added about Draco not telling Bellatrix."Why didn't you tell her?Bellatrix?You knew it was me.You didn't say anything."Tom Felton's facial expressions were perfect here.They very clearly portrayed and showed a tortured and terribly conflicted boy,just as he did in HBP.He is such a good actor.That has really showed in the last few movies.Now,just so we're all clear,I'm not a Drarry shipper.Personally,the thought of this couple just doesn't click for me.But I've always thought there was more to Draco than met the eye,and Harry and Draco weren't real-world enemies,just school enemies,you know what I mean?Then the war started and they had to pick sides,but Draco was forced to make the wrong choice,just like always.

10.McGonagall and Snape's duel.I mean,do I have to explain how AWESOME Professor Minerva McGonagall is?I have always loved her,and in this movie,she is just so amazing.I thought this duel was brilliantly done.What I like best is that you can see Snape falter here,and you can tell he never wanted to fight her.You can tell he respected her.I think the two were friends when no one thought Snape was evil.And then,after the fight,McGonagall's and Harry's little exchange. "Potter!""Yes,Professor?""It's good to see you again.""Good to see you too Professor."Maggie Smith delivers this so perfectly;it was the exact amount of pride she had in the book for Harry being in her house.Then Daniel Radcliffe's smile made it so heart-touching.I got teary eyes there because it was so emotional and sweet.And it also reminded me of McGonagall welcoming the first years back in Sorcerer's Stone.

9.McGonagall in general.She is so awesome.The scene before the battle where she summons the armor is so emotional and strong.And how she delivers the lines when she is summoning them is so powerful.She has the perfect balance of controlled and restrained fear,but staying strong for the fight for the castle she loves.All of it really sets the stage for the battle.And that that little,"I've always wated to use that spell" is so great!Maggie Smith is so amazing in portraying her.She is a genius.Such an incredible actress to go through the last 3 with breast cancer.She said she'd stumble through.She did more than that;she gave one of the most amazing performances of the entire film.That is true bravery.She is a true Gryffindor.

8.Lupin and Tonks.I thought how they reached out to each other right before the Death Eaters raided the castle but just missed was so beautifully heart-touching/heart-wrenching.Then,in death,they were still just missing.That just broke my heart.

7.Neville and Luna!"Have you seen Luna?""Luna?!""I'm mad for her!About time I tell her,since we'll probably both be dead by dawn!"Oh my God,I love this SO FREAKIN' MUCH!It's so funny how Harry is like "What the hell is wrong with him?" when he says "Luna?!"Now,what I really love about this scene:NEVILLE LIKES LUNA!JDFIOASJOFMSDFJNAO SJDIOJ DSIFJASIOJGNFISDJ FDSKJFIODSJRIOWEYHFDJSNFKJDSXBNFKJJDKLFJDSKLFJSKLJFKL!Sorry,just had to get that out.And then,at the end,when Neville's just sitting there with the sword of Gryffindor with this expression on his face like "Did I just do that?"(Great acting there by Matthew Lewis!Very true to his character.)Luna just comes over and sits next to him,and Neville looks over at her.His smile gets even wider,and you can tell he's forgotten completely about Nagini and the sword and everything.His mind is just wiped,and you can tell this is the next challenge for Neville:Luna.And though it isn't said,everyone knows they're dating now.Then Neville just looks away, unbelievably happy.I am SO happy they are movie canon!I've wanted these two together since OoP,and now that it's happened....APSJFPOEWJ RPFSJFIODS FJISO JFOISDFJESIOJF!Sorry.Matthew Lewis has said it's just a summer fling,but I don't care.There was nothing in the book about Neville marrying Hannah or Luna marrying this random Rolf guy.In my mind,they're together 'till the end!Period.End of story.

8.George's reaction to Fred's death.I feel like this scene was kind of cheapened in the film,but Oliver Phelp's reaction was so pure and heart-breaking.It was truly amazing.I truly felt what he was feeling.Now that is the mark of a brilliant actor.

7.The whole preparation for the battle.I've always loved those scenes that are those quiet moments before the battle starts.Like the deleted scenes in HBP before the Battle of the Astronomy Tower.It really shows characters.They break out of their shells.It gives the actors a chance to really use their acting chops to show the inner depth of their characters and who they really are and what they're really like.Lupin and Tonks silently reaching out to each other.Lupin and Kingsley,looking about a thousand years old,tired men banded together for this one moment it's all built up to.But I think it was Fred's and George's last words to each other that really got me."You all right Freddie?""Yeah.""Hey,"*elbow nudge*"me too."That really just killed me.Just those few lines.See what I mean by the actors using their acting chops?When they had this scene,there was this collective moan in the theater,'cause we all knew what was gonna' happen.I started to cry a little,thinking about it,then my friend asked me what was wrong.That just made me cry harder.I couldn't say it.If I said it,I would have to face it,and it would be true,and I wasn't ready for that.

6.Harry's and Ginny's kiss.I feel like it was a very real,very pure moment.It was triggered by Neville saying that the girl he liked and him were probably going to die tonight.So they look at each other,and they know that might be true for them too.So they kiss,and it's so pure and heart-touching.Then Harry looks at her,and you know he wants to tell her how much he loves her,but he can't find the words,and Ginny says "I know."It would be too hard for Harry to tell her he loved her at that moment,but his face says it all.That was a very true moment.

5.RON'S AND HERMIONE'S KISS!YES YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JDFJA OIDFJIODSZJFIOEAS JFLESFJICHESKJFNHJDS FIOSD JFIOSJ FISOJEFIO SAJFIESOJ FSI;OJF SDFJ SDI;OF JDSIOFJ SDIOFJ S;OIFJ IOAEWSJPOEJVNIODSJFVICJFKLDSZJFDSJZI;OFH!Sorry,it's just I have liked these two together since day one,book one,and that kiss was just so IJDFIOJWE SFDSJOFI SDOIFJ for me!I was so incredibly happy!It was monumental,and it was featured in the movie!I thought it definitely lived up to expectations.And,I like how they showed them going to the Chamber of Secrets.It was a nice walk down memory lane,it being the exact way it looked back in the second film.And,it showed Ron being clever and having his act of heroism,instead of it just being Harry all the time.It showed Ron doing something too.I understand that the books are from Harry's perspective,so they couldn't that scene in the book,'cause he wasn't with them in the Chamber,but that isn't how it is in the movies.And I like that.I've always felt that it works for the books how it's in Harry's point of view,but that it wouldn't in the movies.The kiss:KLDSFJOWI DSJFIODS FSDJFIOS FSIJFSIFJSOIJ!AWESOME!AMAZING!INCREDIBLE!YES YES YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Moment of triumph.

4.Resurrection Stone scene.Oh my God.This was such a beautiful moment.So emotional.Lupin.Oh my God,he just died!His son!And,God,he'd dead!That's when it really just hit me that he was...gone.Lupin.The one who showed them boggarts and believed in Neville and got Harry in OoP and was the best DADA teacher through-out all the year was...gone.Dead.Then you see Lily and James.Poor Harry!Seeing your dead parents.He reaches out to his mother,but can't even touch her.That made me flashback immediately to Sorcerer's Stone,with the Mirror of Erised.Then,Sirius.Tears all over,just like his death.I've kind of been in a state of shock all these years since his death,though I haven't realized it.I never really believed he was gone until this scene.It was so hard seeing him again,but this time,dead,returning from the grave,a place we can't reach.Then when he pointed to Harry's heart,oh dear God!PoA!I really started crying there.God,that was so beautiful but so hurtful.I'm crying now writing it.And,"Until the very end."God,why did they have to do that to us?!!!!!!!!Put that dedication in there.That just told us that it was gonna' end soon.It was soon gonna' be over.This ten-year phenomenon,was gonna' be over.Why did they do that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

3.Neville's speech.That was beautiful.So incredible.Breath-taking.Neville's been my favorite character since the first time we saw him.Then we found out about his parents in book 4,movie 5.His growth has been amazing,and that speech,oh that speech.I was literally cheering for him in the theater at the end.It made me so happy to see that.Matthew Lewis is my favorite actor.He's so amazing.To play the part of Neville Longbottom is such a difficult task,but he's done it so effortlessly,adding a layer to the character with each film,making him something different,something more.When he talked about his parents in OoP,I cried.When he gave his speech to Voldy,I cried 'cause it was his story almost coming to an end.He made me cry twice in the theater,God damn his talent!I swear,that speech was such a beautiful way to almost end Neville.And Bellatrix's laugh,oh,Bellatrix's laugh!I wanted to murder her there!But then again,I don't need to tell you about Helena Bonham Carter's talent.I mean,in this movie,she played Hermione trying to be her.WHOA!She was so perfect.Got it all down perfectly.And then,that laugh.God,I wanted to rip her face off!After what she did to Neville's parents,she had no right to laugh!Of course,that's why she did,in the book and movie.And that's why they focused on her laughing.Her specifically and not any of the other Death Eaters.They wanted to remind you of Neville's past to make the moment even more emotional.I don't know about anybody else,but Neville's past it something I've never forgotten.It's just so tragic.How can you forget?Well,anyways,I knew they were probably gonna' give him a speech.I think everyone did.Movies like speeches from unlikely heroes,and so do I.I thought it was brilliant how they showed the boy who taught us to stand up to our friends standing up to his enemies.And a pang in my heart came when he said "Family."Because you could tell he was thinking about his parents when he said that,you knew.I thought this was an amazing scene and Matthew Lewis was genius here.

2.Snape,Snape,Severus Snape.I prepared myself for the Prince's Tale before I went to see the film.I told myself I wasn't going to cry.Then again,I also told myself I wasn't gonna' cry when Fred,Lupin,and Tonks died.But I was convinced I wouldn't.But then,when he died,oh God.Remember reading that part in the books?How did you react?I always trusted Snape for some reason.I thought he wasn't all bad,that there was something going on there,but I couldn't figure out what.So when that part happened in the book,I was a bit confused.I didn't know what to feel.I mean,even if you thought he was pure evil,you must have still been a bit shocked there.Like "Huh.He's...gone."It was a bit hard to comprehend.In the movie,I got misty eyes when they changed his last words from "Look...at...me..." to "Look at me.You have your mother's eyes."That just killed me.And,I thought it was so scary how they did Nagini killing Snape.That was down-right frightening.Then,the Prince's Tale came,and we had just seen the bodies of Fred,Lupin,and Tonks.Now we had to see this right after.God,that was just so...Beautiful?Heart-touching?Heart-breaking?Depressing?Enlightening?Eye-opening?All of the above.Alan Rickman is just so...There are no words for a raw talent like him.That is the most difficult part to play ever,the role of Severus Snape,and he's played it perfectly all the way through.Thank you,Alan Rickman,for being the best and only Severus Snape.

1.Neville killing Nagini.Call me biased,'cause I am.I mean,I was so excited to see this scene in the film when I read it!Everyone knew since the first book that Neville was gonna' get some big moment in the end.Everyone knew he was gonna' get to be a hero.Everyone knew that he was going to grow into someone courageous and brave(he was always loyal).I mean,J.K. Rowling never puts anyone in a scene or book unless they have a purpose in the story and a lesson to give.Every character from Harry Potter down to Aunt Petunia has taught me something.So we all knew that Neville wasn't just there as a pawn to be killed off later on.We knew he was meant for something more.We especially knew that when we found out about his past and how he might have been the Chosen One if things had worked out differently (Which is why Snape hates him.If Neville had been chosen,Lily would have lived.).And then,when I read that part,Neville being my favorite character,I literally jumped up and screamed "YES!YES!FINALLY!YES!"Then I thought Oh they better not screw that up.I do have some problems with the scene,but I'll tell about those in my next post about my problems with the film.Overall,I really liked the build-up of it,and I thought it was really well-done.I love this scene!I screamed and cheered at the end of it.Matthew Lewis did that yell just-right.I mean,that was a pivotal,key moment in Neville's story and life.I thought this was a beautiful way to bring Neville's story to a close.

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