I Have Stuck With Harry Until the Very End

I Have Stuck With Harry Until the Very End
These are just a few things I learned from Harry Potter.There are so many other things though!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Identity Crisis!Help PLEASE!!!!!!

All right,so you all know I am a 100% hardcore, die-hard Romione fan (well,you now know if you didn't before!).I have always loved them since the first book,just 'cause I adore love-hate opposites attract relationships between co-stars.I seriously hunt for them when I first start reading a series,watching a movie (series or not),or a TV series.But I've always thought Fred/Hermione would be cute if things didn't work out with Ron and Hermione,like if Ron died.Now,don't get me wrong,I do not want that.I would be devastated!And Romione is my OTP.Always has been,always will be.But this would be my fall-back if J.K. did kill off Ron for some insane reason.This would be my safety blanket.But I have just recently found out that J.K. originally meant for Fred and Hermione to end up together,but changed it to Ron at the last minute.Now I'm so confused!I love and adore Romione,but I've always thought Fred/Hermione are cute,and now that I have this new bit of information,I don't what to think!I mean,they may not be love/hate,but that might make them even cuter!I just don't know!I mean,they are definitely opposites attract,which is probably why J.K. had them together in the first place.I mean,she already knew from the start that Harry would end up with Ginny,and that was a relationship based on similarities.So she needed an opposites attract relationship to balance it out.And Hermione's the serious,studying one while Fred's the prankster of the school.They were always friends,and they had plenty of interaction throughout the series to make it a plausible relationship.I think J.K. made it totally plausible by accident.I think she had some lingering feelings for having Fremione happen.I just don't know.I've always loved love-hate,but I think they would just be so cute,and I always have.Can people please help me here?Thoughts?Opinions?Help?Counseling?The name of a therapist?ANYTHING?!

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