I Have Stuck With Harry Until the Very End

I Have Stuck With Harry Until the Very End
These are just a few things I learned from Harry Potter.There are so many other things though!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ships I Just Can't Get

All right,so I am usually pretty understanding and respecting about other people's ships.I don't bash them or say they suck or that they're stupid.And most ships,even though I don't ship them,I understand how people could (ex.Harry & Hermione,Fred & Hermione,Sirius & Lupin et cetera).I get the concept of the ship.But there are some ships I just honestly don't understand.Here they are:

1.Ginny and Tom Riddle. I mean,what the hell?This is VOLDEMORT we're talking about here.I don't care if it was sixteen-year-old Voldy,it's still Voldy!And,he possessed her for crying out loud!I'm sorry,but that's a bit of a turnoff in my book.That's just me.And no,I don't think he was trying to lure her into the Chamber of Secrets to confess his undying love for her,and then once he did,he realized how much danger she'd be in if anything happened,so he wiped her memory and knocked her out.No,people,I'm pretty damn sure this did not happen.And,Voldemort cannot love due to the fact that he was conceived under the influence of a love potion.And if he could,J.K. Rowling said herself that Bellatrix would be his true love.So let's be realistic here,eh?

2.Hermione and Scabior. People,honestly,come on!There was one part where he was saying,"Hello,beautiful,"and that was probably because he is a werewolf who wanted to bite her!And let's not turn that into something sexual,shall we?He is most probably a sick,evil werewolf (unlike Lupin!) who wanted to have a nice snack.Can we all please leave it at that and not go off on wild tan-gums?

3.Bellatrix and Hermione. This is just ridiculous.No,Bellatrix hating Muggle-borns and calling them "Mudbloods" is not a put-on for her undying love for Hermione.She freakin' tortured her!Oh,yeah,that's love right there.And I'm sure Hermione got that.Like that interview when Tom Felton said that he couldn't see Dramione happening,UNLESS that punch in the face meant "I love you."Again,not bashing that ship,I totally get the good-girl-bad-boy concept and the forbidden love thing and,I admit,I usually go for the good-girl-bad-boy thing IF there is no love-hate relationship.But if there is,I am for the love-hate one all the way!But anyways,I'm rambling here.Point is,I don't see this relationship working out.

4.Hermione and Snape. I can't even....How could this even....I just...can't....I simply cannot begin to understand this ship.To me,it just seems disgusting and wrong.This is a student and a teacher we're talking about here.I don't know about the Wizarding World,but in the Muggle World,this is illegal.Snape doesn't necessarily despise Hermione,either,so it isn't even love-hate.He just thinks she's some annoying,pesky Gryffindor friend of Harry Potter.Somehow,I don't think this equals true love.Again,only my opinion.

5.Ginny and Draco. Okay,so these two had extremely limited interaction in the books and movies.They've never even been in the same room alone together!Ginny despises him because he doesn't like Harry & he's a Slytherin.Draco despises her because she's a Weasley (a blood-traitor) and a Gryffindor.She also is Harry's friend,and then becomes his girlfriend.So he uses her to make fun of "Potter being in love!"End of story.That's where it stops.The two don't even get to know each other at all!The one moment that this ship has is "I don't think Potter liked your valentine very much!"and he's simply making fun of her & humiliating her.He's also embarrassing Harry.This is really more of Hinny moment because it shows how tormented she is by her crush.So,I'm sorry,I just don't see this ship.

6.Luna and Draco. Guys,really?This is just so weird.It doesn't make sense at all!These two have also never been in the same room alone together,and I don't remember any interaction between them!There is just no evidence for this.There is no case.I'm not bashing this ship or anything,but I just don't see it.

7. Neville and Hannah. I am a 100%,hardcore, die-hard Neville/Luna fan.So,naturally,I hate this ship with a burning passion.I can't even respect it!I know that sounds horrible and all,but I just..UGH I HATE IT!I don't see the chemistry,and these two have never had any interaction at all!And I don't believe that one of them fell in love with the other from afar.Come on people.This is Harry Potter,not Twilight.Let's dump that gushy stupid romance stuff like that.And if this had happened,I'm sure J.K. Rowling would've made us know it.Like she could've said that Harry saw Neville staring at Hannah or Hannah staring at Neville.But no,there is nothing like this.They never give each other a single thought.Some people may have pointed out that one scene in the GoF MOVIE that Hannah looks distressed when Crouch is doing the Cruciatus Curse on the spider,but I don't think she is.And even if she was,so was everyone in the whole freakin' classroom!Hello,this is the Cruciatus Curse we're talking about!It is an Unforgivable Curse being performed in front of fourth-year students.Of course they're distressed!Not for Neville,but for themselves!And,this is the movie we're talking about!Nothing in the book mentioned Hannah in this scene at all,so these 2 have no moments.Not in the books,not even in the movies.Neville & Luna have ten times their chemistry.I'm sorry,J.K. Rowling,you are my inspiration and role model,the woman I look up to who formed my childhood,but I have to disagree with you on this.Nothing in the books mentioned one thing about Neville and Hannah ever getting together,so,in my mind,Neville and Luna get married.Period.End of story.Done.Finished.And now,my rant is over.Sorry,I just really love Neville and Luna and hate this ship.I am so sorry for coming off as a jerk here!

8.Hermione & Cedric.People,come ON!I do not remember ANY interaction between these 2 characters AT ALL!NOTHING!How can someone possibly ship them?!I just don't understand it!It must be some Twilight fans that are trying to merge the gap between Twilight & HP fans.Sorry,but that gap was made by Robert Pattinson joining Twilight when he was OUR Cedric!

9.Hermione & Sirius.Siriusly guys?Sirius was like,what,50?Hermione was 15 or 16 in OoP!NO WAY would that EVER,in a million gazillion years,happen!And,yeah,I get that people are saying Opposites Attract with the whole her being super serious and him being one of the most renowned prankster Hogwarts had ever known,but the age difference is just...EWW!I can't even THINK about it!Gross!I mean,I kind of ship Fred & Hermione together.I think they're cute.But Sirius & Hermione...that age difference...DISGUSTING!

I think that's it.I mean,like I said,I don't bash other ships,but some I just don't get.I can even understand Slash couples,because all of them make sense,even though none of them would actually happen because it's a children's series.But they actually have a bit of evidence of the ship possibly happening and a base.They have a concept that is comprehend-able.They actually have a concept!But the ones I just listed,I don't think they can even begin to make a case due to lack of evidence and no base concept.That's just me.Tell me what you guys think!

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