I Have Stuck With Harry Until the Very End

I Have Stuck With Harry Until the Very End
These are just a few things I learned from Harry Potter.There are so many other things though!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Funny Comics!

Hell.Yes.Made me laugh so hard.

Thank you,Lupin,for giving me an excuse to eat chocolate whenever I'm sad.

Oh my God,this is HILARIOUS!

Oh my Rowling!


This was exactly what I was thinking during the film!

Voldy's face is priceless.

I can imagine this scene perfectly.

See?Everyone has hidden talents.I know why he was so evil now!His dreams of being a famous clarinet player one day were dashed,so he took to a life of crime.Inspirational story right there.And there,ladies and gentlemen,is your Harry Potter spin-off.It will be awesome!

Not my conversation with CleverBot,but it's so great,I had to share it.

When I first saw this scene,I thought "Draco!That's Draco's line!McLaggen,you line-stealing jerk!"I think they deliberately put that in just so we would catch it & think that.Also,they had to put this line somewhere,seeing as they couldn't really have Draco saying it anymore.
This is some nice comedy.I like it.


Oh yes.Yes she is.

Priceless.Just so hilarious.Too funny for words.

It's basically just Bella talking about the "difficulties" of her life & Harry responding with his & saying she's stupid.Very true.

Bellatrix Lestrange,ladies and gentlemen.

ROTFLDM!(Rolling on the floor like Draco Malfoy!)

This is the best.I love the person who created this.

I actually thought of Oliver saying this when I saw the Quidditch pitch.When we saw it,my friend and I turned to each other and said at the same time "But you can't cancel Quidditch!"Then we realized the entire theater had said it at the exact same time as us & everyone laughed together.True Potterheads,we are.

HAHA!I need the link for this interview!I need it!


It's so true.

Of course it was him.Of course.

I hate Ginny & Draco,but this makes me laugh every time when I see Draco's last line!
Yes.Just yes.

So very true.

*So funny.So very funny.

I want to be in this situation.

Draco's reaction is the best.

Hell yeah Neville!

Greyback:What happened to you,ugly?
Both Harry & the other Death Eater look at him.
Greyback:(Talking to Death Eater)No,not you.

*Neville making his boggart (Snape) wear his grandmother's clothes!Snape is stunned.I love this scene for it's comedy & this is where Neville starts to get a bit more self-confidence & self-worth with the guidance of Lupin.I love Lupin for believing in Neville.I wonder how Neville reacted when he found out Snape was good after all these years of Snape torturing him & he had no idea why.He still didn't know why.It was because if Voldemort had chosen Neville,Lily would have lived.I would KILL to know what Matthew Lewis & Alan Rickman said while filming this scene though!The POA was one of the best movies in my opinion.Just-right balance of comedy & heart-touching stuff.

Snape's last pic is the best!It matches so perfectly!

*You work it Draco!I always knew he was just a fashionista at heart.I'm actually pretty sure he's talking about his father.Of course.

LOL!I think Draco needs some new comebacks.


Why didn't she listen to Dumbledore & spare us all?!

Dummbledore with his hands spread like that while saying that:LMAO!This is one of the best I've ever seen.This maker is sheer genius!

Yes,that's it.

He's right,you know.

Haha!I love their separate reactions.Ron's pissed off.Harry is like mesmerized by her fabulousness.Hermione is kind of affronted but doesn't know what to do.Neville's just standing there,looking at the others like "Well,what do you guys think & make of this?"Totally not Luna's personality,but it just fits so perfectly!

Dear God!Run!Hide!

Voldy's last expression gets me every time.

Weasleys FTW. 
Now isn't this accurate?

Harry Potter+The Hangover=THE BEST!

*I would pay good money to see this.


It's funny because it's true.

Thing is,I can actually see Hermione doing this. 
I've been wondering this for years.

I love HP & Mean Girls combined.I just love it so much.

*It explains it all!LOL!I loved who made this.

Harry Potter takes everything literally.

So great.

Dumbledore in the last picture.I love it so much.

500 points for Gryffindor!


I wish I had that kind of power. ;) JK,it's obviously photo-shopped,but it's still hilarious!

I actually like Voldy here. 
So very well said.

Why are the funniest things usually the most true?

LMAO!This one kills me every time!It even shocks Dwayne Johnson!

LOL!Enough said.

Journal just got PWNED!

That's right.Ya' better watch it Diggory.

*Enough said.

Come on,'fess up.All us feel this way some times.

I always wondererd how many tries it took him.

Why yes you are.

Again,Mean Girls+HP=PRICELESS!

So very true.

HAHAHAHAHA!I'd pay to see McGonagall ACTUALLY do this!


I can very clearly see the resemblance.

THE BEST!I love how that came to be known in COS where the Slytherin dormitory was & people were like,"Whoa.Dumbledore didn't care about them when that troll came.He's got his priorities in place."
"Basically,I've just been putting anyone who looks like a good guy in Gryffindor and anyone who looks like a bad guy in Slytherin.The rest can just go wherever the hell they want,I don't really care."
See?He doesn't like Slytherin & we all know it. ;)

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.I die of laughter each time I see this.

Mean Girls & HP again.The confusion on their faces fits PERFECTLY!

I love McGonagall so much.So very much.

Dang!Calm down,Neville.It'll be all right.You'll kick Nagini's ass,it'll be okay.

Ron and Hermione!No need to say FTW anymore.Already won. :)

Snape's expression of shock is so hilarious!

You see,I have a *slight* obsession with Matthew Lewis,who I got a crush on around the third movie.So I like this pic.A lot.

Draco in the last pic is SO HILARIOUS!And the kid next to him too!I think it's Crabbe,but I can't really be sure from that angle.

There is no words for this.

I can't even describe how awesome this is.SO FREAKIN' HILARIOUS!!!!!!Voldy's face & the speech &...You know what?The comic says it all.

Indeed.This is what my kid is gonna' be doing.I will make it so.

I wish I had been raised this way.

Look at Harry & Ron,rocking it on that dance floor!
*If Snape is smiling,it can't be good.

Yes.Yes,Patrick,you have finally said something intelligent.



I loved this part!

Oh how the tables turn and times change.

*This is how I feel about doing work.

Oh crap.

*Again,I'm pretty sure he's talking about his father.But again,it fits so perfectly!

This makes me laugh,but almost makes me cry at the same time.That old running gag is just so funny & it's made for so many good jokes over the years.But then I remember SS when that all got started,and I get a little choked up.I know,I'm such a crybaby,right?However,I have to admire Seamus for following through on his promises.He certainly did "bring it down."

I MUST see this film.I NEED to!I HAVE TO!


I love this scene.One of my favorites when it comes to comedy.
Ginny runs into the Room of Requirement,causing quite a disruption.
Harry:(Nervously)Hey there.
Ron:(To Hermione)Amazing.She doesn't see me for six moths & it's like I'm Frankie First-year.I'm her brother.
Seamus:She's got lots of those,Ron.Only one Harry.
Ron:Shut up Seamus.


If only she'd gotten her chance!

I love this so much!Now,whenever one of my friends says,"Are you serious?"to me,I respond with "No,I'm Severus."

Thing is,I can actually see Sirius owning Voldemort like this.And I love Voldy's face after the nosy remark & Sirius raising his glass like "I win."

James:I think they do like to make me do more than I probably should!
Matt:I once asked James to get me a skyhook.Didn't see him for 5 hours.
Alfred:What's a skyhook?
These made me laugh so hard,I had to share them.Again,I'm not so smart as to create these.I take no credit.The ones with the * move when you click them.They open you to a new tab where you can see it moving.

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