I Have Stuck With Harry Until the Very End

I Have Stuck With Harry Until the Very End
These are just a few things I learned from Harry Potter.There are so many other things though!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Hinny & Romione Pics!

*I really like this one,almost as much as the first three.

*So sweet how they're like brother & sister & Hermione can cry on his shoulder & lean on him but not in a romantic way.

Poor Harry.The sixth year was hard for him.But it got better.

*Ginny after she does the Reductor Curse in DA in OoP.

*Ron interrupting their moment in HBP.It was so funny,but GRRRRRR RON!I love him,but sometimes he really agitates me.

*Harry's uncomfortable at the sight of Ginny & Dean snogging at the Three Broomsticks.

*This scene is hilarious!But you know,their moments are always ruined by Weasleys.However,they always make for funny scenes when they do this,so I guess it's all right.It sure makes the scenes memorable!And besides,Oliver Phelps is even more attractive than usual here,so that's very good too ;D Ladies,I know you agree!
*Deleted scene from HBP when they look at each other when Harry comes down from the boys' dormitories.

*Ginny wiping the blood off Harry's face.

*Ginny taking the Half Blood Prince's book from Harry in the common room in HBP.

*Ginny reading who the book belongs to.

"Open up you."

*Deleted scene from DH2 with Harry staring at Ginny at the wedding.

*"Don't you trust me?"-HBP

*Ginny running into Harry's arm in HBP.So cute.

*"Merry Christmas,Harry."
"Merry Christmas."
So cute.I loved this scene in HBP,even if it was just added in the movie.
So,I'm in a both Romione & Hinny mood today,so here we go!The top 3 pics are by far my favorite.So well-done by whoever made them.Amazing editor.The ones with the * move when you click on them.They open to a new tab & you can see them moving.Again,all credit goes to the brilliant creators of these!I'm not half as talented.

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