I Have Stuck With Harry Until the Very End

I Have Stuck With Harry Until the Very End
These are just a few things I learned from Harry Potter.There are so many other things though!

Friday, October 7, 2011

More Hinny & Romione Pics

"What was that?"

"All right,close your eyes.That way you can't be tempted."

"Close your eyes."

So cute!The hug from DH1 where Ron & Tonks finally return.Hermione glances back,as if unsure if she should act on her feelings,but then just runs into his arms,so relieved he's all right.

*Ron's hurt and Hermione is so scared for him & asks Harry to take out the Essence of Dittany.

*"You're amazing,you are."-Ron in DH1

*Ron wiping something from Hermione's lip,and she softens instantly at his touch.I like this ongoing thing they added,starting in HBP when things really got heated up.

*Them running into each others' arms at the wedding in DH1.In all the chaos,they go to each other.Well,why not die in the love of your life's arms?<3

*Hermione running into Ron's arms at Malfoy Manor.So sweet!Nothing else in the world mattered to Ron at that moment except getting Hermione somewhere safe and making sure she was okay.That is true love,ladies and gentlemen.

*Piano scene.Such a sweet scene.

*Hermione feeling a bit conflicted after Ron's "Tiny Ball of Light" speech.Ron looking at her like she's the only thing that exists.

*I was so happy when they kept this from the book.

*Piano scene giggle that I love so much!The scene wasn't in the book,but I like some things they add in the movie,including this.I like this very much.It's just so cute!

*Over the years.Shows the piano scene moving when you click.

*Hermione grabbing onto Ron in this moment of panic in the riot of GoF.

The scene where they're all examining the necklace that possessed Katie.

I want a relationship like Ron's and Hermione's.

*Getting drenched by water in the Chamber of Secrets in DH2 before the kiss.

MONUMENTAL MOMENT OF THE FILMS HAPPENING HERE!I was so happy they got this scene right.It was one of the most anticipated of the whole movie!Of the whole series!I've been wanting this to happen since day one in book one,so naturally,this thrilled me when I read it & I wanted it to be just right in the movie.So I was SO FREAKIN' HAPPY when they got it right.I like it happening in the Chamber too,'cause it's a nice little walk down memory-lane.Just,so...God,so perfect!

That little smile after the kiss was so sweet & cute.It actually did remind me of that part they put in SS w/ "What are friends for?" & the smile after.That's another part of the films I liked that they added.And this smile was so cute & true to their relationship.

"Is this the moment?"
"Always the tone of surprise."
Perfect.It even has the smile after the kiss that I love.Did I mention that?
"Maybe once."
"Three times."
"All summer."
;D Quote from our favorite twins in the world.  

Hermione:You can't use an Unforgivable Curse.
Moody:And why not?
Hermione:Because they are unforgivable.
-Goblet of Fire
Ron:An Unbreakable Vow?
Harry:Yeah.What's wrong?
Ron:Well,you can't break an Unbreakable Vow.
Harry:Thanks,I gathered that much.
The best.

Sound familiar?

*Oh how times change.

*Half-Blood Prince.Shows the cute little wave from Hermione to Ron at Quidditch tryouts.

PoA to DH1.

*Ron saving her in Malfoy Manor.

When I first read this,my heart broke.Then I got super angry at Ron for making Hermione go through this and feel these things.Then I realized that that's truly the meaning of true love,when someone can make you feel these things because you love them so much.They're that close to you.I felt all these things in a matter of seconds.Now that's an emotional whirlwind right there.
P.S.This is kinda' the process I went through when I realized Harry Potter was ending.I cried a lot.I felt empty.Then I got angry that it was gonna' be over,though I have no idea who I was angry at.I was just angry.Then I realized that it was doing this to me because I loved it so much.And because I loved it so much,it would never really be over.It would never end,not really.

Deleted scene from DH1.So cute!
I forgot these!Here is the Hinny first kiss screen-by-screen & some of Romione's best moments.And again,as always,I take no credit for these amazing pics.The ones with a * move.But only when you click on them.Then it opens to a new tab & you can see it move.

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