I Have Stuck With Harry Until the Very End

I Have Stuck With Harry Until the Very End
These are just a few things I learned from Harry Potter.There are so many other things though!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

HP Comics

Some things that made me smile.The ones with * move when you click them,as always.
Mean Girls+HP=YES!

I died laughing!

Kinda' sad,but this killed me!

*Don't we all feel like this sometimes?

So very true.


See?HP makes you do and think amazing things.That's broadening the imagination,right there.

I love these jokes!

Cho does kinda' annoy me. 
Yeah,Voldy,you own that socially awkward klutz!

Ron:Harry!Have you seen Hermione?She's...she's a woman!
Harry:Really?I always thought she was a Hippogriff!
DKCissner on DeviantArt.They are genius!Clearly,this was made before the movie came out.

I love this scene.
Ginny runs into room,causing everyone to look at her.
Harry:(nervously)Hey there.
Ron has been trying to wave to Ginny,but she has eyes only for Harry.
Ron:(to Hermione)Amazing.She doesn't see me for 6 months,and it's like I'm Frankie First Year here!I'm her brother.
Seamus:She's got lots of those,Ron.Only one Harry.
Ron:Shuut up Seamus.
The delivery of those lines between Devon Murray and Rupert Grint was just so genius.

He is telling the truth!

Raise your hand if you were thinking this during the film.All hands should've gone up.

I find this to be cute.


*Drapple.The best ship in the entire fandom ;)

Well,what else are you gonna' do?Not listen to this strange woman?Take a chance!

The best.

*His expression:FTW!

This killed me.I legit almost died of laughter!

Poor Voldy.He just can't catch a break.

DUH!God,Ginny,how could you not know about Wrackspurts?I guess they were a bit late in adding this,it happening in OoP and all,but it was funny all the same!

Then you know it's bad.


It's so very scary!He will always be Cedric to us.


I love whoever wrote this.Like,love them.But to whoever asked the question,let me tell you,you are NOT a huge Harry Potter fan!You don't even know that a huge HP fan is a Potterhead!DUH!Common knowledge here!;)


Why are the funniest things in life usually the most true?

I don't hate Wormtail.He was still a Marauder.And,in the end,he showed that bit of remorse,and died for his friends,in reality.Not for them,as in sacrificed,but because he mourned them,he died.I'm not saying he's my favorite character,but I don't hate him.

This made me laugh so hard I fell out of my seat and spilled my milk.Just so perfect.So very perfect.


I love Tom Felton.And no,not just because he's extremly attractive,which he is,and he's incredibly talented,which he is,but I love him as a person.Every interview of his just has such a fun mood and he goes with everything and is so loose and nice and fun and funny and etc.You get my point.I love Tom Felton.

Ha!That's what I'm talking about with Tom Felton!And I love him and Matthew Lewis being so close when they play such enemies in the films.

Admit it.Your mind=BLOWN.

LMAO!This made me so happy.

Poor Voldy.Always the nose jokes. 

*Walk away slowly.


*I love this scene.

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