I Have Stuck With Harry Until the Very End

I Have Stuck With Harry Until the Very End
These are just a few things I learned from Harry Potter.There are so many other things though!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Non-Canon Ship

Okay,okay,I know I'm late with this,but I've been a bit busy.So here is the non-canon couple we shall presenting today...

Hermione & Viktor!

Now,I know what you're all thinking."What?She likes this ship?I thought she was a HUGE Romione shipper.Shouldn't she hate this with a burning passion?What the hell is going on?"Or maybe you don't care.Either way,here's my explanation:Yes,I am a die-hard,100%,hard-core Romione shipper.Avid fan since that first train ride.But I do think some other ships involving these characters are cute,and this is one of them.Of course,I wouldn't have had Romione end in other way,and if another ship that contained these actually had happened,I would've flipped out.But I like having fun with the ideas of some ships,and it doesn't really matter anyways since it's all over.It's like how I always thought Fremione was cute,but I never actually looked at a video for it until the series ended.There are some cute,fun ships to play around with,to toy with the idea with.And use them for fanfiction,of course.And one of these ships are Hermione & Viktor,because they are extremely cute & adorable in GoF & their deleted scenes in DH1.So,without further ado,I give you Hermione & Viktor!

*She is stunning,isn't she?

*I don't know how people make these!

*I love this little spin.It expresses how she can't believe what's happening to her tonight,because she's gotten so much crap in the past.It's just so sweet and cute and I love it so.

*I honestly don't get how people do this!Amazing work maker!
I own none of the pics,made none of them.The ones with the * move when you click on them.

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