I Have Stuck With Harry Until the Very End

I Have Stuck With Harry Until the Very End
These are just a few things I learned from Harry Potter.There are so many other things though!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Awesome Blogs

So,there are 2 blogs that are TOTALLY AWESOME!They're tumblr blogs.I do not have a tumblr,but I have more than once considered getting one just to follow these blogs.So,the blogs are:

This person is a devoted Ron/Hermione,Bill/Fleur,Harry/Ginny,Lucius/Narcissa,Neville/Luna,Snape/Lily,and Rupert/Emma shipper.So,basically,I love them.They like everything I like.So,if you like this blog,you will probably like this blog!:http://whats-with-the-birds.tumblr.com/

This person likes Draco/Hermione,Neville/Luna,and Snape/Lily,but they respect all ships.In fact,I'm pretty sure they ship more Romione stuff than they do Dramione.This has inspired me to maybe one day post Dramione stuff.So look forward to that Dramione shippers! :D This blog is really great.They only do reblogs,but it's a great collection of anything & everything HP.So go check it out!:http://severus-snape-wasnt-yours.tumblr.com/


(If you're still reading this,that means you didn't go to the blogs yet. ;D)

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