I Have Stuck With Harry Until the Very End

I Have Stuck With Harry Until the Very End
These are just a few things I learned from Harry Potter.There are so many other things though!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

30 Day Harry Potter Challenge-Day 5

Day 5:Fave male character and why:
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So,slightly obvious.I love Neville.Always have.He always has been & always will be my favorite character.I identified with that boy on the platform/train who had lost his toad on the first day,and I watched him.I watched him even more closely when I found out he was a Gryffindor,thinking that that was very odd.I didn't even realize it,but he had become my favorite character.I looked forward to scenes with him.I loved reading his story & watching him grow.When I found out about his parents,I was so heart-broken,you would've thought it was my parents that were insane!
His story makes me hate Bellatrix.I can never forgive her for what she did.And when he met her in Order of the Phoenix....Oh my God.I just can't even begin to describe the things I was feeling.Heart-break,fear,anger.
I was so proud when I found out he'd been leading the rebellion at Hogwarts.And I couldn't think of a better,more beautiful ending to his story than having him kill Nagini.It was the final horcrux.Without Nagini dead,nothing could ever end.Neville was a hero in the end.And I loved that.
So,without a doubt,my favorite character is Neville Longbottom.

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