I Have Stuck With Harry Until the Very End

I Have Stuck With Harry Until the Very End
These are just a few things I learned from Harry Potter.There are so many other things though!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lovebottom/Loonybottom Pics!

Awwwwww!The first time they met,remember that back in OoP?Classic boy-forgets-his-name thing.So cute.

At this part,I was delirously happy.I kept whipsering to my friend,"Oh my God,did you hear that?Did you hear that?Oh my God!"I think I kind of annoyed her.Just a little ;) But I even cared more about this one line than Harry's and Ginny's kiss that followed.I mean,it was nice and all,but we've seen it before and we've never really gotten to see any N/L stuff in the movies except for the hand-holding in OoP.I always knew David Yates liked them together ;D Who can't?

In case you can't read it,it says "Luna and Neville; the couple that was supposed to be."So true!I was so angry when they didn't happen in the book!That really annoyed me.I feel like it wasn't quite complete.

"I don't know,I kind of thought Neville and Luna would be nice."-Evanna Lynch We all think it Evanna,we all do.I love this couple so much!

It all circles back.Now he's somebody!

One of the key messages for both Neville and Luna.

I love the middle picture.It's so cute,him guiding her back and all.And the part where he's looking at the Death Eater he just used Petrificus Totalus on & he's in shock that he actually did that.Then when Luna takes his arm,or hand,or whatever,he's even more shocked & confused & doesn't know what phenomenon to look at.

It says,"Everbody looks right past us but we know we're something brilliant."Why yes,yes you are.Especially together.As you should be.And I'm still mad you're not.Just saying.

Bottom right pic is my favorite out of the ones in this.

Now there's some good editing.

"And I feel that when I'm with you."Love the top pic.I'm beginning to sound a bit repetitive,aren't I?

Some of their best moments.And a quote from HBP about Neville being helped into his seat but Luna at Dumbledore's funeral.Awww!So very cute.And I ask again,why didn't they happen?

I love the lighting & the tree.Perfect with the faded pics.

Okay,these 2 need to start dating NOW!

They are beyond perfect.And I don't want to hear any "Oh,he's like my brother" or "I think of her as my sister," because guess what?That may work for Emma & Rupert,but they've worked together for 11 years,acting like brother & sister,except onscreen,and close friends.Evanna came to set in OoP,so they can easily date without any of that brother-sister awkwardness.

Why aren't they dating???????????

Very true.

My favorite picture editing of these two.Gives a whole new perspective on these shots that I hate myself for never thinking of before.


That is utter shock on Neville's face.

Luna coming to sit down next to him. :DDDDD

One of my favorite parts of the whole movie.I was screaming here,I was so happy!!!!!!!!But then they didn't kiss,which kind of annoyed me,but what are you gonna' do?This was the BEST!Thank you David Yates!Even though I've doubted you in the past,I totally love you now!Well,if it wasn't him,thank you to whoever put this scene in!I could legit marry them for this. ;)

So very true.
I realize I haven't been giving the Neville/Luna fans much love,which is weird because I love them so much.So here you go!Again,I take no credit for these awesome pics.

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