I Have Stuck With Harry Until the Very End

I Have Stuck With Harry Until the Very End
These are just a few things I learned from Harry Potter.There are so many other things though!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Attractive Men Post

So,I've decided to have an attractive guy appreciation post.Because,well,ladies,would you really mind?;)
Apologies,guys,this may not interest you.
The pics with the * move when you click on them.Take no credit for any of the pics.
Let's start with...
Rupert Grint!
A fine boy,isn't he?

Talking about Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

I like these gifs.I like them a lot.

While listening to J.K. Rowling's speech at the London premiere of Deathly Hallows Part 2.

His smile is just so...infectious.

On American Talk.I love this clip. 
London premiere of DH2.I think I have Grintitus.And I'm not complaining.
Next,my personal favorite...
Matthew Lewis!
That smile!!!I just..can't even...*fangirl scream!*

*Reenacting his faint from CoS.

I just love his smile,don't you?

Can't you see why I love him?Can't you see?
Cute even when mortified.And just look at what he says!Just look!

Basically,when I saw him in PoA,I was like "Hey,he's kinda' cute."Then I just completely fell in love with him in GoF.

But you are Neville!However,you look very different from little Neville.

Sophisticated look.Me gusta.
(Why Spanish?Because it makes everything sound cooler.)

That's too cute.Just too cute.I don't think he has any problems in this department,now,though.

That look.I just...love that look!I don't know why.

Leeds jersey.Lookin' fiiiiine.

I love when he laughs because you get to see his wonderful  smile.

"My,now that's good quality!"
"I know,right?Those robes are totally awesome!"
"What?Oh,yeah,those are nice too."
Admit it,that's your reaction too. ;)

*I know I'm coming off as very shallow right now,but does anyone else melt when they look  at this?

Haha!I think that squash is pretty spot-on!

I never thought I'd say it,but I want the person in that picture more than the hat in that picture.
I know,but can you blame me?


I love whoever edited this.

I also love this look.

His reaction to being able to smirk like James Bond.So cute!
Next up,my other favorite(tied with Matt)...
*Why,hello there to you to Tom!

Been there,done that.Many times.

Just too cute.


I love him in interviews.He's so fun and just goes with the flow,whatever something may lead to.Just so adorable.

I want his autograph!!!!!!!

See what I mean about the whole interview thing?

When asked about Draco going over to the Death Eaters in DH2.I love how he's just like "Nah,screw you."

I'm so glad he won.It makes me so happy inside.He truly deserves it.And HP won almost everything it was nominated for!Just missed one.That's pretty damn good!

And there he is doing that same thing Matt was doing.That thing with his lips.Why must they do this to me?Why?!It's practically painful!

Thinking.Hmmmmmm.I'm gonna' use this as my thinking face from now on.

He's also cute even in state of mortification!How do they do this?!

*No comment.Just...just...

I just love him.

Isn't he just wonderful?

*Eyebrow raise.I like.

From "What's on your Mind with Tom Felton?"I love this clip.

Reaction to being asked if he would've rather been the good guy rather than the bad guy all the time.
James and Oliver Phelps!
Adorable,aren't they?Just...yes.Just...perfect.

James in an interview.He truly is adorable.

James dressed as Santa.Yes,you heard me correctly.This.Is.James.Phelps.Dressed.As.Santa.Just one of the reasons I love him.

Both of them.They're practically ALWAYS together!

Their smiles... :D
I love it.Just love it.

Haha!So funny and cute and...just plain flawless.I want one!;)

Now let's look at Tom & Matt in the same pics!Very nice,yes?

I like this pic.

Just FYI,this is the after-party of DH2.I love how they're such enemies in the movies,and in real life,they're such close friends.
Next,Tom,Matt,James,& Oliver all in one pic!(I know,right?)
So,that concludes our attractive men appreciation post.I will leave you with one final pic:
I believe this is the definition of attractiveness.

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